Friday, February 22, 2008

Have become a surf addict

For the past two weeks I have been surfing different traffic sites. This is very educational. Didn't realize there was so much stuff (and junk) out there. And since I need to find a way to generate income as things are getting tight, without my working anymore, that I thought this would be a great start. But I'm a little nervous, I tried this before sometime back and lost $$ on bad people. Yep took my money and ran. Then I tried a MLM, well after 1-1/2 yrs, and way into debt, I realized that this wasn't the avenue either. (yep slow learner should have realized this by month 4 at least. I'm not going to give up, when I find the right one I will then let you know. I can't encourage anyone to try something if I don't know it will work. It is now 4 am, and the rain has flooded the front street, to bad it doesn't rain some trout with it. Smile, Sing, and Never Let Go of Hope.